Holiday enquiry!

Relexation for the entire family included

We know every path, every corner of our beautiful mountain region better than the back of our hand. That’s why we are delighted to share our knowledge with you by providing you with accurate tipps and information on hiking tours and trips suitable for you! To make sure that you return safely from your hiking trip to our hotel - enriched with a lot of memorable and unforgettable, positive impressions. 

Orienteering hike and pathfinding included.

We have a special introduction to our hiking schedule for you: We introduce you by offering an orienteering hike through Innerkrems. You get a map and are encouraged to find various destinations in the neighborhood. This way you not only get to explore the area around the hotel but also return to the hotel with a sense of what nature has in store for you during your family vacation in Austria. Equipped with this wonderful experience it is easier for you to explore all the beautiful spots and the most hidden corners of our beautiful landscape with the support of our hiking tour guide.

Hiking in the national park Nock Mountains included.

Can you hear something? No, you don’t? You certainly need to get used to the stillness and the silence you find in the Nock Mountains. As soon you are used to it, you simply get to enjoy its benefits. You may be encouraged to listen to the soothing sounds of the water in one of the many streams, lapping over stones and pebbles or the chirping of birds. The Carinthian Nock Mountains are known as one of the most interesting and oldest mountain formations in Europe. They are soft and thus contrast the cliffy mountain formations of the Hohe Tauern to the west, the Niedrige Tauern to the north or the Karawanken and Karnische Alps to the south. The Nock Mountains are rich in history for people, flora and fauna. Its panoramic view overlooking surrounding mountain regions in Carinthia is simply stunning.

During summer, from the middle of June to the middle of September two chairlifts are in use to take guests from the hotel to the mountaintops of the Nock Mountains. All you have to do is to walk the 20 meters from the hotel to the chair lifts.

Packed lunch included.

Hikers need to eat on a regular basis to be energetic all day, that’s why our guests are encouraged to pack their own lunch box with food from the breakfast buffet. Choose what and how much you want for lunch while having breakfast.

We also like to recommend:

  • adventurous path hiking along a stream in valley Pöllatal – TschuTschutrain (distance: approx. 16 km)
  • Train ride for 2 hours/6 kilometers. Stops: lodge Kochlöffelhütte, lodge Schoberblickhütte (at the barbecue area)
  • 3-Lakes-Path at the Turracherhöhe (distance approx. 50 km including Nockalm road)
  • Wassersonnenweg (water-sun-path) Nöring – Naturarena Papstratte – Eisentratten (distance: approx 19 km)
  • Walking distance approx. 10 km (circular hiking trail), duration: approx. 1.5-2hrs. Suited also for push chairs.
  • Fairy Tale Mile and Dragon Gorge – Trebesing (distance: approx. 24 km)
  • Lake Prebersee in borough Tamsweg (distance: approx. 40 km)
  • Gößgraben – Valley Maltatal (distance: approx. 20 km)