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Regional delicacies from Carinthia and Austria

Our chef Manfred and his team are always concerned about your physical well-being. They love their job and that authenticity is what you digest while eating. Your first chance to experience this is while enjoying our hearty Carinthian breakfast buffet, which is the basis for an energetic day.

Lunch and dinner

Our lunch buffet is famous for its delicious and healthy meals and its selection of fresh salads. Enjoy your dinner with various specialities from the Carinthian region. Try our fresh, crispy Carinthian farmer’s bread and beef from the Nock Mountains with its unique flavour (from cattle that grazed in the Nock Mountains and was fed with high quality grass and herbs).

We also offer a wide range of regional culinary delights. For further information as well as delicious recipies check out the following website:

All-day summer delights included:

Please find a list of foods and drinks of our all-inclusive-package:

  • 8am– 10am: breakfast buffet
  • 10am – 11am: breakfast buffet for late sleepers.
  • Don’t forget to fill your lunch box during breakfast hours.
  • 6:30pm-8pm: dinner (choice of menu and salad buffet)
  • 1x/week: barbecue and live music, farmers’ buffet, pasta buffet.
  • 3:30pm-5pm: cakes and icecream.
  • 10am-10pm: softdrinks (e.g. Cola, lemonade) or juice (apple juice, orange juice), soda water, coffee, tea, alcoholic drinks, e. g. draught beer (no wheat beer), wine (red or white), Prosecco (Champagne).
  • Long drinks: Campari Orange, Cocktail of the day, Gin Tonic, Whisky Cola, Gin Orange, Bacardi Cola, Vodka Orange, etc.
  • Spirits: Austrian Spirits, Whisky, Vodka, Liqueur, Brandy, etc.
  • 2x/week: disco feeling, free drinks until midnight.

If you are only a little bit hungry you are always welcome to help yourself at our fruit and muesli-buffet. 
A fine selection of Austrian and international wines complete our culinary delights. We would also like to mention our spring water, our natural, healthy energy source without any calories.
It is no coincidence that water is considered to be „the blue gold of our planet“. We know the value of this treasure and treat it accordingly.