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Innerkrems, right in the center of the Nock Mountains

Carinthians value and treasure their wonderful living environment very much. They care and protect their environment and nature. The way Carinthians do tourism is reflected in the softness of the mountain tops of the Nock mountains.

Numerous species of plants and animals can be found on 184.3 sqm. Listen to the sounds of a small stream or to birds chirping.

Explore nature in Austria

Experience the nature in Austria with all your senses. All guests are able to access this unique experience. Through skiing, hiking, walking and biking. Explore nature on one of your tours and find out what it feels like to touch a Swiss stone pine or a unique silver yarrow, an alpine valerian, who loves the regional climate. In this natural resort various mammals, birds, amphibians, fish and insects can be found and therefore you shouldn’t be surprised if you pass groundhogs, butterflies and birds on your tours and trips.